Cylindrical gravel sifter (custom)

A cylindrical gravel sifter is a specialized machine designed to effectively and efficiently separate and classify gravel particles based on their size. It is commonly used in construction, mining, and landscaping industries to process large quantities of gravel with ease.

The cylindrical gravel sifter features a robust and cylindrical-shaped structure, typically made of durable materials such as steel or reinforced plastic. The machine consists of a central drum or cylinder that rotates on its axis. This drum is perforated with a series of evenly spaced holes or mesh screens.

The size of the holes or mesh screens can be selected according to the desired particle size distribution, allowing for customization and flexibility in the sifting process.

Cylindrical gravel sifters made by Gumteras Engineering are equipped with a motor and a power transmission system to rotate the drum. Depending on client’s requirements the sifter may also include features such as adjustable drum speed, variable tilt angle, and easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

The cylindrical gravel sifter offers an efficient and reliable method for sorting and classifying gravel particles of various sizes. It streamlines the gravel processing process, reduces manual labor, and ensures consistent and accurate separation. By providing different-sized gravel outputs, it enables users to obtain specific sizes suitable for different applications, meeting the requirements of construction, mining, and landscaping projects effectively.

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